Thursday, October 21, 2010

Players to add week 7

Here is who you should add this week 7.

Quarter Backs

Matt Cassel KC - Did well last week and has another easy matchup this week.

Matt Stafford DET- Keep an eye on him. The Lions offense is much stronger than people and other teams think

Running Backs

Justin Forsett SEA - Starting to take over for the Seahawks in carries.

Danny Woodhead NE - Looked great last week against the strong defense of the Ravens. Expect even more carries for him this week against SD.

Chris Ivory NO - Filling in for the Saints due to injuries of the other starting backs. Expect alot of yards again from him on a powerful offensive team.

Mike Hart IND - Like Ivory keep an eye on Mike Hart because the other two starting backs have uncertain injuries for the Colts.

Wide Receivers

Deion Branch NE - had a great week with his new Quarterback Tom Brady. Expect 70+ yards and 1 TD from Branch.

Patrick Clayton SD - Lots of injuries for the Chargers in the receiving positions. They are going against the Patriots this week who have not have had the strongest pass defense this year so far.

Tight Ends

Todd Heap BALT - Looked good against he Patriots and has an easy opponent, Buffalo this week coming up.


  1. I need to add some players... I'll keep these in mind

  2. i hear james harrison from PIT is a good pickup for this week. lol, jk

  3. I put in a waiver for Ivory, and just traded V. Young for Torain(needed a back and still have e. manning and vick). Says spiller is gunna have a big week, what do you think? I'm thinkin Fred Jackson is gunna get the most looks.

  4. sweet tips. can always use some help with fantasy football. Nice blog! You got a new follower!

  5. wow great post man i'm rlly interested!

  6. Thanks for the advice, really helpful for those of us who don't know squat about football but got roped into a fantasy league anyway. :P

  7. fantasy football. oh so confusing for the majority of us with over 100 internets...

  8. I hope my fantasy team wins this week :)